Building the New World: A Comprehensive Guide to Earthbag Construction

In this 9-day workshop series, participants will learn hands-on how to construct earthbag structures, including: a circular stem wall, a 10-foot archway, and a serpentine wall with integrated LED glass bottle lights. In this process, we will also learn structural principles, soil testing, tools and material basics, adobe mixing techniques, filling and laying earthbag, applying barbed wire, delineating a circle, using arch forms, and plastering & finishing.

Lead instructor, Biko Casini, will be traveling from across the country just for this workshop. Biko is an alumnus of the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture. He is a second generation stone mason with 19 years of experience in natural building in the United States, South Africa, Italy, India, Ghana, and Australia. In addition to stone and earthbag, he has built with cob, straw-bale, adobe, straw clay slip, & cordwood. Besides building and teaching, Biko is also a professional musician and has toured nationally and internationally with his band Rising Appalachia. You can contact him at

The workshops will take place at The Hive (2105 St Cyr Ave,, a new and developing intentional community in the University Area. Here, we are experimenting with cohousing, permaculture, solar panels, solar ovens, beekeeping, bio-fuels, LED light design, and alternative building methods. Organizers at The Hive are teaching on-going skills classes with our partners the ABQ Old School and the UNM Sustainability program. You can contact us at 505-440-8845 or

April 3, 7pm:
Free earthbag video screening at Tortuga Gallery (901 Edith Blvd SE)

April 4, 5pm-7pm:
Free Lecture on Earthbag construction by Biko Casini at UNM, in Anthropology building, Room 163

April 5-6, 8am-6pm:
Beginner/intermediate Earthbag/Superadobe training at The Hive

April 7-11, 8am-8pm:
Intermediate Earthbag/Superadobe training at The Hive

April 12-13, 8am-6pm:
Advanced Earthbag/Superadobe training at The Hive

April 14th, 7pm:
Celebration of completed earthbag projects and farewell to Biko

$300 course fee

$175 course fee for one weekend

$75 course fee for all weekdays (if already paid for one weekend workshop)

$50 course for one weekday

$200 course fee for all weekdays only

$50 discount for UNM students

Limited scholarships available for serious participants unable to pay course fees (contact us for details)

Register at