Greywater Recapture workshop

Have you ever thought it seemed crazy to let all of that perfectly good water escape down the drain when you could have reused it to water your garden or landscaping? Then this is for you!

On Saturday we’re facilitating a workshop on how to recapture greywater in your own home.

“Put your used household water to use a SECOND time without jeopardizing your family‚Äôs safety or hygiene.
Join us for an overview of greywater harvesting options and simple steps for the easiest method – laundry-to-landscape – as well as a tour and demonstration of a working home greywater system. We will discuss the principles, plumbing, plant irrigation, and soaps & products.

Taught by Abq Old School’s LEED-Accredited green builder, Leila Salim, this course is co-sponsored by the UNM Sustainability Studies program as part of a Skills Practicum course.

Wear sunscreen and a hat as we’ll be outside!”

The Hive at 2105 St. Cry Ave SE 87106

March 8, 2014
10:00 am – 12:00 pm